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09 Sep

About "George Clooney"

No, this post is not about one of my all time man crushes … it is about business. Been a while since I've blogged and decided to take a more personal approach on all that is fashion and beauty mixed with a little business. So here we go...

I have been reading a lot of articles as of late to find ways to perfect my website for my online store as well as attract more shoppers. Well I have to admit Shopify does a kick ass job in making some suggestions on how to do this. I never took this into consideration but so many people DO read your “About” page. I am one of them. I love to do online shopping which probably influenced me to take a stab toward this very hard, entrepreneurial road. My advice so far is that sometimes it’s the little things that make a HUGE difference. Check out this How to Get a Date with George Clooney (Or Write the Perfect Ecommerce About Page) on tips on how to make a great page. Especially to all those looking to start an online business. It can be tedious, time-consuming but definitely a lesson towards establishing yourself as an independent business owner.


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