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14 Mar

Workout Wednesdays: Aqua Cycling

The next workout on my list was the latest trend: Aqua Cycling.

Alright so this was a whole new ball game for me... and most people. For me aqua cycling or anything resembling to it was more a picture of elderly people working out in the pool. It's not exactly far fetched since aqua cycling is spinning in the pool. It might sound a little harder, trust me I thought the resistance would be too much for me to handle but it is the opposite. The resistance is almost welcoming and therapeutic. This is because it reduces the stress on your joints and muscles that you often may feel in a regular spinning class. I know when I got there I was like "am I going to be dead the next day" ... again completely the opposite. I felt amazing!

I went to this small studio in Miami called Element Aqua. It is one of the very few, since aqua cycling is still a pretty new and upcoming trend. The instructor, a very charismatic Italian named Fabio, is one of the sweetest and may I add happiest instructors ever. I mean if this man doesn't make you smile while you're in a pool playing happy music then I don't know what will. Along with it being fun, aqua cycling definitely builds up endurance and helps your circulation; again I remind you that the next day you feel great and not sore at all. A major plus! That and it is so much fun. 

Everyone's experience is different but for me, I felt the workout mostly on my arms, lower abdomen and back. He combines spinning with a lot of arms and back exercises that you can literally feel those muscles being worked out. The fact that you're in a pool also makes you push yourself a little more than you may in a regular spinning bike especially if you're a beginner like me. As far as attire, I wore a bikini bottom with short workout leggings on top and a sports bra (ladies, yes you hair will get wet) - this seem to be the uniform attire for most of us there or a wet suit. Splish-Splash!

I would recommend everyone to try out this class even more so if you are someone who doesn't like the after sore feeling that some workout routines come with or you have problems sleeping. You leave the class, take a lukewarm shower and sleep like a baby!

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