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28 Feb

Workout Wednesdays: Kickboxing

Spring is just around the corner and then it's summer, summer, summer time! You know what that means, ladies and gents? It is time to work on your beach body. It doesn't matter what size you are, working out isn't simply about size but building up your confidence. As least that's what I like to think! I am the first one to admit, I am not a fan of the gym but the high you feel after any workout is undeniable!

Therefore, on the road to get my ideal beach body I've decided to try different workouts that were out of my comfort zone and share them as I go. 

Today I tried kickboxing at TITLE Boxing Club where I got to take a stab, or shall I say a punch at being Rocky Balboa. While Eye of the Tiger was not blasting as I ran through Philadelphia, what I did have was a kick-ass soundtrack blasting that went with the kick-ass workout. My instructor, known as "The Hoff", who if you ask me should switch that to the hulk did an amazing job on pushing you to the limit. If you've never taken a boxing or kickboxing class before, you are not alone. I went in there not knowing what to expect and left feeling like a million bucks. That is, after I drank a whole gallon of water and caught my breath.

All jokes aside, "The Hoff" starts off the kickboxing workout with your classic warm-up to get you sweating (very important in boxing) and then takes you on to eight rounds. The bell rings and he guides you through combos of punching, kicking, jabbing all around the bag - always making it a little more intense each round. He finishes you up with some HARD core exercises on the floor, guys and gals... say hello to future abs. If you are looking to build up endurance and tone up, this is the class. 

Like the website says, best word to describe my first kickboxing experience is: EMPOWERING. It definitely will not be the last class!

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