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17 Jan

Hello there...

Hello Babalu Girls and Boys,

As you can see I've scrapped the blog completely from previous posts and decided to start brand new! This year I want to focus on making Babalu Girl more personal and approachable to everything and anything that has to do with my fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices. 

I will be updating, deleting, changing some of the swimwear collections I've had on the site for a while. When I first started my online shop I did it not only to learn the business aspect but also to bring a variety of bikini styles from different places, countries, people who all add a little zest to their designs. After all, that is what I want the Babalu Girl to be, one who strives to find her original look and not have the same boring bikini. Don't get my wrong I am not against those famous names we all love to wear but I hope some of these handpicked styles bring you some variety to your beachwear closet.

I also hope my blog brings some awareness on lifestyle choices like using better products that in the long run will benefit you in a much healthier way rather than going to the popular brand names where I am sorry to inform you (if you already didn't know) have an insane amount of products that should not be used in your everyday skincare routine. This is why I decided to join and include Beauty Counter on my website. Now let's be real, I am not one of those people (not yet anyway) who has given up completely on those popular name products we love, still I am working on having a better skin and beauty care relationship with products I use every day on myself - especially since I intend to be in a long term relationship with them!

Alright so I am giving you a little 411 on myself along with why Babalu Girl started and where she is headed. Coming up I hope to engage more with readers and shoppers out there in listening to their selections when it comes to all these different but fun topics! 

Don't be afraid to share with me your choices in everything involving fashion, beauty and lifestyle - I love different, it makes you who you are and remember that girl or boy is the one who matches to the beat of their own drum!


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