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20 Feb

Get Your Tan On... check out my fave beach products!

Posted by Nathalie Cadavid

I am starting off this post with saying, I love tanning just like the next beach goer – ESPECIALLY when you live in sunny Florida. I mean it's February right now and while the rest of the country is experiencing cold winters, ours entails of 80 degrees weather with the sun beaming so hot you can feel the burn.

My go to products for all year-round weather like this is the Beauty Counter sunscreen SPF 30 and the Nourishing Rosewater Mist. I gave this sunscreen a try and it's been the best - Remember to always apply every 40 minutes and/or after taking a dip in the beach or pool, even more so in hot temperatures when the sun is extra strong. The rosewater mist is just one of my absolute favorite products I am in love with! Not only is to feel that cool mist in this heat but it's also great after the gym and before bed time. I read some people even keep it in the fridge to give it that extra chill before working up a sweat. When I tell you I can't get enough of this product... I mean it. I carry it around with me in my purse because it also works as a setting spray after applying make-up. That and you can literally smell the roses! I am not even kidding or trying to sell you on this. I have like two bottles of this one.

So, you might be wondering why Beauty Counter? What's your angle? None. I became a consultant more for the perks and because I love so many of their  skincare and beauty products. The most attractive part of these products for me has been their "Never List"  which you can see on their website. It is a list of what is NOT used in their products. I compared this to other products I won't name but they are popular ones and it explains so much. For starters, my previous mega strong sunscreen would irritate my eyes to the point it  was unbearable, I had to carry eye drops whenever applying. To make matters worse, it didn't make a difference, at all,  the ingredients it carry for sun tan prevention considering I still got burnt. There I was a burnt bun with watery eyes? Not a pretty picture. It's reasons like this I switched over to Beauty Counter and their mission statement mentality of avoiding the use of harmful products.

These are just two of my many favorite Beauty Counter products but the ones I chose to highlight on today seeing as I am sitting here under the shade on a gorgeous, sunny Florida day enjoying this weather.

Don't hate me.

** To purchase these items, click on images for each below. Remember you get 35% off your next bikini order when purchasing from My Beauty Counter Shop. **


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